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1) Where exactly did she come from?

I'm aware most American Fire Emblem fans mostly focus on the games that come out in the U.S., and that is fine. Unfortunately, the one setting Est comes from is from Archanea. When Shadow Dragon hit the U.S., it quite frankly sucked. New Mystery of the Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow was the second DS game that was a remake for Archanea, based off Fire Emblem 3. In other words, let me clarify things here.

Fire Emblem: Dragon of Darkness and Sword of Light (Shadow Dragon)
Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem (New Mystery of the Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow)

One is the sequel to the other. For general DW use, I picked the latter of the two. She is post-game Est, where things are wrapped up and she vanishes after leaving Abel. After some revisions, I also inputted what I've gathered from my character review of SoV.

2) Has the mun played other characters before that could fit in a potential DW RP home?

This is the tough part. While its true, even the mun themselves sort of agrees with most game mods that hoarding canonmates just to playercest defeats the purpose of roleplaying on DW in the first place.

Aside from Fire Emblem, they have. Right now she's just barely getting back into DW RP in general so it may take her a while to figure out who to field out.

3) I wouldn't want to make you sad, but would Est be subject to dying/getting raped/etc etc.?

Consult here carefully. :) If you read here and wonder, you will already have my permission to...

Kill her? Nope! Or at least, NOT RIGHT AWAY.
Rape her? Depends on who's trying it
Have an affair with her? Yes
Befriend her? Of course
Hate her? However you wanna play that is fine
Capture her? ...she's always getting captured, why not?

4) How many times has Est been held hostage?
THREE. Once in FE1/Shadow Dragon, once in Fire Emblem Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia, and once in New Mystery. If you ever play the translation patch for the third game, Palla even remarks about this! But don't rub it in on the poor girl, please.

I'm not counting the Awakening DLC appearance here, if you do that's actually 4. And I know she isn't in Fates.
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Well, friend of mine gave me the idea to do this. Pretty key considering not everyone has played her game (hey you know Marth but not the other folks in most cases, right?).

If you're interested in doing anything with this character, look at this and see if you got any ideas. Comment or PM if you have any after reading through this.

Name: Est
Description: Serious and kind-hearted, but can occasionally loosen up at the right opportunity. A bit reckless...
She also sucks with technology, but what the hell do you expect when your canon setting has no computers, cell phones, and crap?
Status: Active/OK
Seeking: Positive CR, as much as possible.
Pings: Tactics, Abel (but again you need FE Akanea knowledge for this), Knight stuff
Plans: No plans. Just going all out and having fun here.
Will Not Work With: Death plots are out. Otherwise, just ask.


Feb. 27th, 2037 05:58 pm
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I'm sorry, Est is not here right now. Please leave a message, and I hope this silly mechanism actually works!


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